Introducing Global Interconnection Group

Net Zero and energy security initiatives demand greener and more efficient energy transmission. Global Interconnection Group is an integrated platform to support this.

Greater interconnectivity is crucial to energy security and the energy transition

Global Market Opportunity

Growing need for interconnectors and grid upgrades:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Rising demand for electricity
  • Drive for energy security
  • Dependence on intermittent energy sources

Barriers to Growth

  • Shortage of HVDC cable production
  • Shortage of development capital
  • Shortage of expertise
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  • Addressing barriers to market growth
  • Integrated cable producer and interconnector owner
  • World-leading management and advisors
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Global Interconnection Group is building an integrated platform to service, supply and invest in interconnector cables and wider energy transmission infrastructure projects, comprising three interlocking divisions:

Advanced cables

Advanced Cables

Cable manufacturing

High voltage direct current (“HVDC”) cable manufacturing to address a long-term supply shortage

Global interconnectors

Global Interconnectors

Capital provision and ownership

A diversified portfolio of development, construction and operation stage interconnectors

GIG services

GIG Services

Management expertise

Project and operating expertise to support Advanced Cables and Global Interconnectors 

Global Interconnection Group has a depth of experience across infrastructure investing, capital allocation, and project management.

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GIG aims to offer diversified, long-term cash generation, powered by the dual tailwinds of decarbonisation and energy security policies

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As the world transitions to a NetZero future, and with recent stark reminders of the importance of energy security, interconnectors are recognised as a central component to countries' energy strategies as interconnected grids are more efficient and able to respond to market stress.


Global Interconnection Group is forming strategic partnerships with major manufacturers, interconnector operators, and grid operators

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