Positive Impact

Deliver meaningful, positive change for the environment and society, within a framework of pristine governance.

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Key Impact Objectives

  • Support energy security and the energy transition by supplying and investing in interconnectors and other transmission projects 
  • Stronger, flexible and efficient grids to support rising electricity demand and greater dependence on intermittent power sources
  • Supply scarce HVDC cable to interconnector, grid upgrade and offshore wind projects 
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by connecting renewable energy sources to where they are needed

Global InterConnection Group seeks to not only do no harm, but to deliver material and long-lasting societal and environmental good. Our UK charity, the Truell Conservation Foundation, is a major shareholder in Global InterConnection Group. The Charity is guided by the Forum for the Future’s Net Positive Principles.

Four Principles define our Net Positive Strategy

1. Material

Focusing on what matters most

  • Greatest impact on society and the environment
  • Impacts across the company’s full value chain, and both internal and external stakeholders
  • One positive impact cannot compensate for negative impact in another material area

2. Regenerative

Creating long-term, sustained and absolute impact

  • Revitalise the natural world, strengthen social communities, and improve individual well-being.
  • Long-term beneficial impacts, not causing irreversible losses
  • Use evidence-based methodologies

3. Systemic

Influencing change across entire systems

  • Influence wider social, environmental, and economic systems
  • Collaborate and enter into transformative partnerships with stakeholders in their value chain
  • Recognise their place within broader systems and society

4. Transparent

Sharing progress opening and honestly

  • Action, progress, and measurement that is clear, credible, and easily accessible
  • Attribution of all material impacts – both positive and negative
  • Information presented within clearly defined sustainability context and reporting boundaries