Announcement of transfers


GIG is pleased to inform the market that the following transfers have been notified to the Company:

1) 792,181 Ordinary Shares from Truell Intergenerational Family Limited Partnership Incorporated to Long Term Assets Limited, at a pro forma price of £11.655 per Share; and

2) 588,529 Ordinary Shares from Cédriane de Boucaud Truell to Long Term Assets Limited, at a pro forma price of £11.655 per Share

together, the “Transfers”.

As a result of the Transfers, the Company was informed that Long Term Assets Limited now holds 52.46% of the issued share capital of the Company; and that Cédriane de Boucaud Truell is no longer a direct shareholder of the Company.

The issued Share Capital of the Company is 19,524,422 Ordinary Shares, of which 762,587 Ordinary Shares are held in Treasury and 55,926 Ordinary Shares are held by ASC Energy plc, a 100% indirect subsidiary of the Company.

Please note, inter alia, that the Company is informed that:

Long Term Assets is managed by Disruptive Capital GP Limited; which is owned by the charity, the Truell Conservation Foundation, and by de Boucaud Truell Intergenerational Family Limited Partnership Incorporated. These entities are shareholders and bondholders of, and have common directors with, the Company, including Edmund Truell and Roger le Tissier.

Cédriane de Boucaud Truell is a director of an intermediary holding company, Global InterConnection Group SA and is also a director of Disruptive Capital GP Limited.

Truell family interests directly and indirectly hold a controlling stake in Long Term Assets Limited and in the Company.

Directors of the Company and of its subsidiaries are beneficially interested in Long Term Assets, including Edmund Truell, Matthew Truell, Roger le Tissier, Luke Webster and Cédriane de Boucaud Truell.

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